Seven Barrows

seven barrows orchid
Wild orchids
Keep vigil
In a profusion of beauty,
On this sacred site
Where travellers paused
To lay
Their cherished ones
Beneath green mounds.

Rasping corncrake,
Raucous crow
Ebb and flow,
Cry to the wind,
Their sounds spin through time.
Nothing disturbs
These silent bones.

Under harebell and kidney vetch
Remains mingle with grey dust,
Contained in the vessels of their lives.
Here in this place
I am framed,
In an eternal warp
Of space and time.

seven barrows mound
Seven Barrows is a Bronze Age Cemetery in the Lambourne Valley.

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12 Comments on “Seven Barrows”

  1. that sent a shiver down my spine but in a nice nostalgic way, if that made sense? i am often visiting these sites, Tintagel still rates as my best though. cheers Pete

  2. as soon as i saw you had posted this i loved the chance to read it again..i just love this piece..and thanks for sharing it with One Shot..cheers Pete

  3. anthonynorth Says:

    Great words about barrows.

  4. brian Says:

    very nice. love the image you paint and there is sweet irony for me in you closing lines. growing up we used to travel throught he woods to this field. the caddydids would hum and sound like the transporter from star trek and we always believed we had been transported back in time…thanks for linking up to oneshot. loved it.

  5. The Bug Says:

    I like how this piece captures the serenity & beauty of these burial places – while reminding us of their purpose & that there are actual humans housed there. Lovely!

  6. soulintention: signed .............bkm Says:

    Lovely read, love the line “under harebell and kidney vetch” wonderful…bkm

  7. D.S. Lear Says:

    what a beautiful place this must your writing!

  8. dustus Says:

    Beautiful creative writing! The second stanza is killer. Thanks for sharing. Reading some of your most recent. Great blog.

  9. moondustwriter Says:

    I love how nature is mingling to create this piece. The colors and sounds pull me in and back out again


    Thank you soo for being part of 1 Shot Wednesday

    Love from the moon

  10. Kavita Says:

    Amazing word-play, combined with deep thinking, tender emotions, nature’s sweetest, and amazing pictures = 1 terrific post!

    How wonderfully undisturbed is that world…

  11. Doni Cifra Says:

    the brightest dark poem i’ve read so far. 🙂

    very nicely done

  12. mairmusic Says:

    A beautiful and calm reflection– love the nature references!

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