November 1918

A strange, uneasy
Shift in reality.

The ragged, weary, dog end
Days of war
Slip away,
Into bewilderment.

Bells peal,
The strident sound fades
Into silence.

Ghosts of war
Stalk this ravaged wasteland,
Seize shredded minds,
Haunt the cursed unborn.
Frozen and numb
The living blunder on
In silence.

In memory of Tommy Kelly, aged 19, killed in action on 6th November 1918 near Arras, France. His parents Tom and Annie Kelly had already celebrated Armistice when news of his death arrived.

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3 Comments on “November 1918”

  1. Thomas Davis Says:

    This is simply powerful. It reminds me of some of Ethel’s poetry that has grown out of her relationships to wars.

  2. twilark Says:

    All we can do is hope that one day there will be peace. I will read Ethel’s poetry.

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