The Dance

The old man sits on the wall,

Sits and smokes his pipe.

The child dances in the puddle,

Dances on white clouds

In an upside down sky.

Water rises and falls,

Rises and falls.

The old man smokes his pipe.

Blue smoke billows

And curls ever upwards.

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4 Comments on “The Dance”

  1. Thomas Davis Says:

    Twilark, what I love about your poetry is its no nonsense directness. It seems to arise out of the earth that surrounds your life. This is an imagistic poem, of course, painting a picture with words, but at the same time reaching for a meaning drawn from the symbols the images paint.
    The child dances in the puddle,
    Dances on white clouds
    In an upside down sky.
    These lines are especially creative, the white clouds in the sky, the reflection of the white clouds in the puddle that the child dances upon as if he is dancing on the clouds in the sky.
    And the old man sitting and puffing on his pipe!
    Blue smoke billows and
    Curls ever upwards.
    telling all of us about time and immutability within time. This old man and the dancing child, the old man a hundred years ago with his pipe and a child. Water rises and falls. Water rises and falls.
    What a wonderful poem!

  2. twilark Says:

    Thank you so much for reading this Thomas. I really appreciate your comments. I’m working on a longer series of poems and every time I take a break nature comes sharply into focus in a way that is difficult to ignore.
    We are lucky to live in a semi rural area near the ancient Ridgeway Trail that traverses Southern England. A few steps on that path feels like a walk back through time. I think it has worked its way into my being!
    Thank you once again.

    • Thomas Davis Says:

      I hope you keep posting your poems. I’d love to read your longer series of poems. I enjoy your work a lot.

      • twilark Says:

        I’m sorry it has taken me a while to reply Thomas. I am recovering from a chest infection which has taken time to shift. Things seem to be improving now.
        I’m in the middle of the longer series of poems and then all the poems have to be edited etc so it will be a while. I hope to put them up eventually. Your encouragement is a great help.

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