I see a pair of wagtails
silver        and black
heads and tails bobbing
running           darting
on the patio

in a sudden breath of November
you are behind me
your tweed jacket rough
under my young fingers
that faint smell of tobacco

and the room
silver tray on the wall
      50 years of practice
oak sideboard        solid
crammed tableware papers
black and white photos
out of the doors

we are all there


Wee Mister Wagtail hopping on a rock,
Daddy says your pretty tail is like a goblin’s clock.

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6 Comments on “Wagtails”

  1. Thomas Davis Says:

    I simply love your poetry. It is tight, echoes back to traditions from another time, and in this poem, where you juxtapose a memory, using November as a metaphor, there is an elegance that sings. There is laughter, a touch of melancholy, and a summing up that is simply elegant. This is such good work.

  2. Val Moulton Says:

    Thank you for visiting and reading my poems, Thomas. You have picked up on the mood that I was attempting to convey. Your comments and feedback make my efforts worthwhile and inspire me to carry on.

  3. Jenny Glover Says:

    I found your blog by chance, and discovered poetry that caught me up into other light and airs. Captivating, dancy rhythms. Love your work, Val! (But can’t see a way to follow your blog for any future posts…)

    • Val Moulton Says:

      Many thanks Jenny, for reading and commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I haven’t posted for a while but hope to begin again soon.

      The follow button should appear in the bottom righthand corner if you hover over in that area. I’ve had someone else visit to check and it appears to be working. It disappears if you scroll down. I did read somewhere that the follow button may not be visible if you are using an ipad or a mobile.Hope this helps.

  4. Jenny Glover Says:

    Found the follow button! And oh, yes please – do post more on this wonderful airy blog!

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