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November 30, 2013

I see a pair of wagtails
silver        and black
heads and tails bobbing
running           darting
on the patio

in a sudden breath of November
you are behind me
your tweed jacket rough
under my young fingers
that faint smell of tobacco

and the room
silver tray on the wall
      50 years of practice
oak sideboard        solid
crammed tableware papers
black and white photos
out of the doors

we are all there


Wee Mister Wagtail hopping on a rock,
Daddy says your pretty tail is like a goblin’s clock.


Meadow Cranesbill

August 5, 2013

SAM_1467 2
A scattering of petals on the chalk path.


November 1, 2012

Harebell - - 201688

As summer fell
Away to autumn
I found
A solitary harebell
In the long grass
Where knapweed
And yellow rattle
Flower purple and gold.

That tiny splash
Of eggshell blue caught
The ripples of the wind
And danced,
And I danced too
With sheer delight.

Six Overcoats

October 27, 2012

Although this beech tree copse is just a couple of miles from where I live it was six overcoats colder this afternoon. The icy blast from the North whipped the trees into a crazy orchestra.

Beech Copse

We were glad to join the skeletons warming themselves by the log burner in the Courthill Tea Room.

Skeletons by the fire


July 7, 2012

When my feet
Touch this path of rusty flint
And sun bleached chalk

Present and past
Have no meaning,
It is all one
Here at the edge.

Grey wethers,
Woman and man,
Stand forever bound in stone,
Elf shot and spindle whorl
Cast aside.
Lynchettes lie fallow
Under the vast and ragged blue.
Mewing buzzards rise and wheel
Through aeons.

What is this earth,
This stone?
Blood and bone?
A restless churning tide
Of stardust?
My footsteps echo
Through the rolling
Vaults of time.

Signs of Spring

February 23, 2012

Blackbird in the snow

Less than two weeks ago the ground was covered with snow.  Birds huddled out of view. Now the weather is mild and the air is filled with  bird song again. They are not in full voice yet but the chorus is increasing day by day. There are pairs of blackbirds, robins, blue tits, goldfinches and sparrows in the garden from dawn to dusk.

Blackbird in birdbath

The blackbirds above are permanent residents in this corner of the garden, just outside our French windows. They  like the cover of the bushes.

It is a delight to watch red kites as they fly over the roof tops.

Red Kite

We often see just one hunting. Now up to four fly over.  Male and female circle each other for a while. Then they dive across the sky straight at each other to touch talons in a risky and spectacular courtship dance. Usually their courtship begins in March so I hope there will be more displays.

Crows are busy too. Recently I watched a pair of  crows stuffing twigs down a nearby chimney.

Starlings are nesting in the eaves next door.

I love the way seasons change, the way winter lingers here and there as it gradually releases its grip and slides into spring.

Hellebores in Snow

February 10, 2012

Temperatures dropped to -12c recently. The hellebores flopped over and looked as if they were finished.  It snowed last night. This morning the temperature is nearer -1c and the hellebores have revived.