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November 30, 2013

I see a pair of wagtails
silver        and black
heads and tails bobbing
running           darting
on the patio

in a sudden breath of November
you are behind me
your tweed jacket rough
under my young fingers
that faint smell of tobacco

and the room
silver tray on the wall
      50 years of practice
oak sideboard        solid
crammed tableware papers
black and white photos
out of the doors

we are all there


Wee Mister Wagtail hopping on a rock,
Daddy says your pretty tail is like a goblin’s clock.


Swans and Cygnets

August 9, 2010

I was walking with CR in Witney. We turned a corner and stopped in amazement. This family of swans was in the garden of one of the new town houses by the River Windrush.
swans by windrush
The swans were all looking to the left.
wandering cygnet

One of the cygnets had wandered a little way off. One parent set off after it.

a wary swan
The other parent spotted us.

We went back round the corner but we were still attracting the swan’s attention.wary swan 2
At this point we left.
swan family

Red Kite

June 10, 2010

Fly red kite from days of darkness
Dance from death to life and light
Dream and drift on thermals skywards,
Sun kissed firebird, stirring sight.

Ride astride the wild wind wheeling
Where the sun spins fire and ice,
Feel the rising rush of freedom
Seize the fulcrum freely, fly.
This poem is written in the style of Irish bardic séadna (Turco).
It celebrates the reintroduction of the red kite.

Bluebell Wood

May 6, 2010

Path through the bluebell wood
Yesterday evening a friend took R and I on her favourite walk. The way led through a wood full of bluebells. A thrush was singing and pheasants called from time to time. Our friend pointed out deer tracks.Further into the wood
Some of the trees were old and gnarled. They had grown into curious shapes. The one below looked like a cauldron.
Hollow basin in a tree

A tawny owl flew from a crevice in a rotting tree.
In places stitchwort gleamed white among the bluebells.
Stitchwort and bluebells
On the way home we saw a buzzard resting on a fence post.


April 21, 2010

Pair of goldfinches

Goldfinches began to visit the garden bird feeders during the very cold weather in January this year. Their visits were brief and they flew off at the slightest disturbance. Now, in April they are regular visitors perching one either side of the feeder. They visit frequently during the day and often share the bird feeder with sparrows.

Oil Beetle

April 19, 2010

Oil Beetle

Oil beetle found on the Ridgeway Path near Wayland Smithy, April 2010


April 15, 2010


In orderly fashion

Four drakes lined up

On the pavement.

Traffic stopped.

They crossed the road,

In single file.

Why didn’t they fly?