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November 1, 2012

Harebell - - 201688

As summer fell
Away to autumn
I found
A solitary harebell
In the long grass
Where knapweed
And yellow rattle
Flower purple and gold.

That tiny splash
Of eggshell blue caught
The ripples of the wind
And danced,
And I danced too
With sheer delight.



September 9, 2011

I pretend it’s summer.
The swallows are still here.
Bats wheel at dusk.
Under a bush a hedgehog snuffles.
Berries ripen in the hedgerows.
Combines give way to blue tractors in the fields.
The earth is brown again. Rich, dark brown.
I can’t ignore the spiders on the wall,
I can’t ignore the spiders on the ceiling.