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July 7, 2012

When my feet
Touch this path of rusty flint
And sun bleached chalk

Present and past
Have no meaning,
It is all one
Here at the edge.

Grey wethers,
Woman and man,
Stand forever bound in stone,
Elf shot and spindle whorl
Cast aside.
Lynchettes lie fallow
Under the vast and ragged blue.
Mewing buzzards rise and wheel
Through aeons.

What is this earth,
This stone?
Blood and bone?
A restless churning tide
Of stardust?
My footsteps echo
Through the rolling
Vaults of time.


New Year

January 1, 2012

Clocks strike January

Bread and coal

Dust and ashes

Wolf  month

Feast or starve


Not time

Ghosts and shadows

Slip the night

St. Stephen’s Day

December 26, 2011

discarded wrapping paper



all is the same

on hold

different but the same

timelessness invades

even the sun hovers

trapped between ancient stones


a backwards glance

everything slides away

Seven Barrows

June 26, 2010

seven barrows orchid
Wild orchids
Keep vigil
In a profusion of beauty,
On this sacred site
Where travellers paused
To lay
Their cherished ones
Beneath green mounds.

Rasping corncrake,
Raucous crow
Ebb and flow,
Cry to the wind,
Their sounds spin through time.
Nothing disturbs
These silent bones.

Under harebell and kidney vetch
Remains mingle with grey dust,
Contained in the vessels of their lives.
Here in this place
I am framed,
In an eternal warp
Of space and time.

seven barrows mound
Seven Barrows is a Bronze Age Cemetery in the Lambourne Valley.